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Early Childhood

The Aspire Autism intervention team will work to assess and provide support and training in the following educational areas.  The child will work 1:1 with a therapist to address goals developed with the family using a developmental assessment and parental input.



Includes problem solving skills and pre-academic skills such as the understanding of concepts such as shapes, colors, numbers, letters, writing etc... This could include goals such as recognizing the letters of the alphabet, sorting objects by feature, function and class, sequencing by size, or understanding one to one correspondence of numbers 1-10.  These goals are developed with the child’s current skills level taken into account and beginning with basic foundational skills. 



Communication addresses a child’s understanding of words as well as their expressive language, and use of functional communication appropriate for the needs of the child.  This could be use of pictures, sign, an augmentative communication device or verbal language. 



Self-help skills that are addressed include toilet training, dressing, feeding, hygiene and safety skills and awareness.  Examples of goals in this area are tooth brushing, washing hands, dressing, tying shoes, and knowing how and when to access personal information such as name and phone number.


Motor Skills

We work on gross and fine motor skills, strength and coordination.  Gross motor goals may include balance, gait, jumping, general motor planning, or ball skills.  Fine motor skills may include grip, grasp, hand eye coordination or hand writing.


This educational area addresses social skills, play skills and identification of emotions both in themselves and others.  This may include greetings, responding to name, turn taking, social play scenarios, conversation skills etc…



Our objective is to teach and increase appropriate behavior while decreasing inappropriate, maladaptive or disruptive behavior.

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